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FreightMaster TMS®

FreightMaster TMS® and Dynamics TMS® for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, are complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution solutions that enable shippers to rapidly manage their own inbound, outbound, and transfer freight.


The solutions can be deployed On-Premise, Hosted On-Premise or as a Hosted SaaS solution with scalable, global capabilities to fit any size organization.

  • Deeper Transportation Functionality
  • Reduced Investment and Higher Value
  • Quicker and Easier Customization

Integration with a large variety of ERP platforms allows for supply chains to be fully connected.Certified For Windows 2012 Inbound and Outbound appointment/dock scheduling management along with track and trace of transportation movements to customers is provided seamlessly and securely with an interfaced web collaboration portal. Powerful Transportation (KPI) Dashboards and dynamic SQL SSRS reporting empowers organizations to have information when they need it.


  • Web Based Multi-Mode Tariff Management
  • Web Based Shipper, Consignee and Provider Track & Trace
  • Web Based Dispatching and Payment Settlement
  • Web Based Dock Scheduling (Inbound & Outbound, Vendor Delivered, Customer Pickups)
  • Precise SKU / Lot Level Landed Costing & Accruals
  • Full Multi-Mode Multi-Temp Transportation Rating
  • Consolidation Pool Truck Creation
  • Multi-Equipment Routing Guides
  • TransLoad Facility & Cross Dock Management with Segment Costing
  • Drag & Drop Computer Assisted Route Creation
  • Inbound & Outbound Transportation Management
  • Static & Dynamic Optimization Modules
  • Plug & Play Interface with ALK PC Miler
  • Integrated Transportation EDI Interface and Transaction Management Software
  • 100% SSRS Based Native and Custom Reports

FreightMasterTMS®/DynamicsTMS® = Lower Costs + Higher Value

Next Generation Logistics, Inc. is a Technology Based Provider Offering Managed Transportation Services, Transportation Management Software (TMS) and Supply Chain Consulting.

Lower Costs & Higher Value

- Are You Looking For an On-Premise, Hosted On-Premise, or SaaS "Cloud" TMS Solution?

- Are you using an "Enterprise" or ERP system that is not best of breed ?

- Do you want to keep your carrier base & rates confidential ?

- Need a TMS module that you can quickly interface with your current system ?

- Has your business outgrown your current software ?

- Are you looking to only pay for features that you really need ?

- Are you concerned about user security but don't want to add multiple databases ?

- Do you want us to host your application ? Take a look at our - Our SQL based TMS Solution® is your answer!

- Are you Paying Your Current Software Providers "Crystal Chandelier" ?                  


It's Software That Works The Way You Do!

1) Designed to replicate best practices
2) Increases user productivity by using familiar Microsoft Office® interfaces and Technology
3) Low cost of acquisition, integration & ownership
4) Highly functional, scalable and leverages your existing network infrastructure
5) A Microsoft Windows and SQL Tested & Certified Application

TMS System Overview

Dynamics TMS® and FreightMaster TMS® are a complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution suite that enables transportation professionals to make effective and efficient business decisions.

FreightMaster TMS® can be quickly deployed, whether you choose our On Premise model or Hosted On Demand model to manage a single company or multiple divisions. It is very easy to use, yet a very powerful application that will reduce costs and save you time; deliver the functionality you need to make better decisions in providing end-to-end support, from order entry to optimization, to auditing and online settlement, to carrier collaboration and communication.

On-Premise, SaaS Hosted or On-Premise Hosted Tier 1 TMS Solution

Agility: We take advantage of development tools, automated service management and global datacenter presence to respond faster to customer needs, focus on your competitive differentiators, and reach new markets.

Efficiency: Windows based technology improves productivity and increases operational efficiency by lowering up-front capital costs. Customers and partners can realize a reduction in Total Cost of Operations of some workloads by up to 30 - 40% over a 3 year period.

Focus On Best Practices: We focus on delivering services and value to your transportation department which enables you to spend less time on operational hurdles and more time focusing on your competitive differentiators.

Simplicity: Utilize your existing familiar transportation skills and workflows to make you more productive.

Trustworthy: Enterprise class service backed by a reliable service level agreements and a rich online services experience.

FreightMaster TMS® Suite Training Information

FreightMaster TMS® Suite Training

Today's modern software undergoes enhancements and improvements in an ever accelerating pace. As users and business processes become more sophisticated, the number of upgrades can leave people apprehensive about utilizing new features and functionality. Next Generation Logistics, Inc. firmly believes that in order for organizations and individuals to achieve the maximum return on their technology investment, they need to participate in a continual improvement process.

Consequently, NGL is committed to sponsor comprehensive training programs for all users at all levels of proficiency.

Available Courses

There are currently 5 NGL training courses available at our corporate offices. Please contact us for a detailed course outline, dates and fees.

  • Introduction to FreightMaster TMS® - (3 Days)
  • Advanced FreightMaster TMS® Concepts - (3 Days)
  • NEXTrack™ Internet Collaboration Portal - (2 Days)
  • FreightMaster AMS™ Appointment/Dock Scheduling Management System - (1 Day)

To be able to provide each student with personalized attention, each course is limited to a maximum of 8 students. Each student will be provided with their own computer and will work thru a pre-determined script of practical, every day scenarios so at the end of the day, they will be more adept at solving problems on their own.

TMS v7.0 Features

  • Load Planning:

    Order Processing
    Automated Lowest Cost Transportation Provider Selection
    Optimal Default Transportation Provider
    Drag and Drop Load Planning
    Split Order Planning
    Automated Stop Optimization
    Auto "Silent" Tender
    Rule Based Cascading Dispatch
    Multi Mode Equipment Selection
    PC Miler/Rail Integration
    Transportation EDI

  • Route Planning:

    Routing Guides
    Auto Cross Dock and Transload facility Logic
    Multi-Mode (Parcel, LTL, TL, Rail, Ocean)
    Multi- Stop Consolidation
    Multi- Pick Consolidation
    Rule Based LTL Pooling
    Automated Load Optimizer
    Route Mapping Capability

  • Rate Shopping:

    Inbound/Outbound Shipment Rating
    Rate and Contract Management
    Carrier Cost Comparison
    Bracket Rating
    Class Rating
    Distance Rating
    Flat Rates
    Tariff Exceptions Management
    - Interline
    - Non-Service Points
    - Rule 11
    Spot Rate
    Hazmat Tracking (information used for tariff calculations, routing and equipment selection)
    Line Level Cost Allocation
    Accessorial Fees Management
    DOE Fuel Surcharge Automated Calculations.

  • Accounting:

    Automated Order Ship Confirm For Cost Changes
    Single Order Multi A/P Splitting Accruals Automated Freight Bill Mass Entry
    Automated Freight Bill Audit
    On-Line Carrier Freight Bill Entry/Settlement
    Benchmark Freight Costing
    Landed Freight Costing
    Claims Management.

  • Web Collaboration Portal:

    Rate Shopping
    Tariff System Available to Providers
    Shipment Status and Tracking available for customers
    Carrier Web Based Load Tendering Accept/Reject
    Freight Bill Settlement
    Proof of Delivery
    Dock Scheduling Available
    Windows Single Sign On

  • Appointment/Dock Scheduling:

    Inbound/Outbound Dock Scheduling
    Appointment Tracking/History
    Carrier Check In/Out
    Carrier Log and Customized Tracking Date/Time Stamp Fields
    ADHOC Appointment/Dock Scheduling (adhoc order metrics).

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting:

    Transportation Provider Performance
    Customer Expected On-Time Performance
    Carrier On-Time Performance Performance
    Freight Spend Tracking
    Native SQL Analysis Cubes (KPIs) Native SSRS Reporting

  • Other Software Integrations Available:

    Integration with ERP systems available
    Export Doc - Export documentation
    ALK PC Miler
    ALK PC Rail
    Data Masons - EDI
    TruckStops - Fleet Route Optimization
    WebDocs - Document Management.

  • NGL Implementation Services:

    Custom Business Intelligence Design

    Custom Integration

  • Multiple Operating Systems Supported:

    Operating Systems-Windows 2008/2012® Support for thin client environments compatible with VPN, TS & Citrix® XenServer Metaframe or WAN (Wide Area Network). SQL Database Servers - Standard & Enterprise & Data Center.

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