OptiNet™- Supply Chain Optimization ServiceOptiNet Supply Chain Optimization

Did you ever wonder if there is a way to find your optimal supply chain configuration without it costing you an arm and a leg and an army of people to recalculate the numbers every time you change basic business scenarios?

We have the answer! OptiNet™ Supply Chain Optimization Service encompasses a comprehensive Supply Chain Study that identifies and evaluates various strategic business scenarios.

Integrated with our Dynamics TMS® Transportation Management Solutions and with input from your strategic business plan, we can quickly provide you with answers to commonly asked optimal supply chain questions and scenarios:

  • Minimum overall cost calculation utilizing manufacturing, co-packer, warehousing, and transportation costs.
  • Calculation of the trade-off between cost and service level.
  • Optimal production quantity by sku at each manufacturing plant.
  • Optimal number, size, and location of warehouses.
  • Appropriate allocation of products to different plants and warehouses.