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FreightMaster TMS® = Lower Costs + Higher Value
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- Are You Looking For an On-Premise or Hosted "Cloud" TMS Solution?

- Are you using an "Enterprise" or ERP system that is not best of breed ?

- Do you want to keep your carrier base & rates confidential?

- Need a TMS module that you can quickly interface with your current system?

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- Are you looking to only pay for features that you really need?

- Are you concerned about user security but don't want to add multiple databases?

- Do you want us to host your application ? Take a look at our ASP Services.

- Our SQL 2012 based FreightMaster TMS® is your answer!

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Why FreightMaster TMS® ?

Software That Works The Way You Do !

1) Increases user productivity by using familiar Office® features!

2) Low cost of acquisition, integration & ownership

3) Highly functional & scalable and leverages existing infrastructure

Easy to use - A Microsoft Tested & Certified Application


On-Premise, Hosted or Hybrid TMS Solution


Agility: Take advantage of development tools, automated service management and global datacenter presence to respond faster to customer needs, focus on your competitive differentiators, and reach new markets.


Efficiency: Windows Azure improves productivity and increases operational efficiency by lowering up-front capital costs. Customers and partners can realize a reduction in Total Cost of Operations of some workloads by up to 30 – 40% over a 3 year period . The consumption based pricing, packages and discounts for partners lower the barrier to entry for cloud services adoption and ensure a predictable IT spend.


Focus: Focus on delivering services and value to your customers – and not on managing technology infrastructure. Windows Azure enables you to spend less time on operational hurdles and more time focusing on your competitive differentiators.


Simplicity: Utilize your existing skills in familiar languages such as .NET, Java and PHP to create and manage web applications and services.


Trustworthy: Enterprise class service backed by a reliable service level agreements and a rich online services experience.


TMS System Overview

Dynamics TMS® and FreightMaster TMS® are a complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution suite that enables transportation professionals to make effective and efficient business decisions. 

FreightMaster TMS® can be quickly deployed, whether you choose our On Premise model or Hosted On Demand model to manage a single company or multiple divisions. It is very easy to use, yet a very powerful application that will reduce costs and save you time; deliver the functionality you need to make better decisions in providing end-to-end support, from order entry to optimization, to auditing and online settlement, to carrier collaboration and communication. 

FreightMaster TMS® delivers a low cost of ownership and can generate an ROI within months.

Core System Features

Multi Company/Division Level Security:

Windows Server with Active Directory Authentication

Unlimited Company and Division Level Security Settings

Screen, Procedure and Report Level Restrictions Within Company

Field Level On Line Help Screens

NGLExportDoc Module for Automated Export Documentation Creation

EPA SmartWay™ Transportation Program Interface

NGLRateComp™ for Real Time Rate Freight Rate Benchmarking

FreightMaster AMS Appointment Management & Scheduling System Interface


Multi Company/Division Level Load Building & Dynamic Optimization:

Default Route Guide Carrier Assignment By Traffic Lane

Consolidation/Pool Truck Stop Optimization

Order Route Building and Stop Optimization

Integrated Inbound & Outbound Routing Optimization

Automated SKU & Lot Level Load Cost Allocation System


Multi Company/Division Level "Business Rules" Processing:

Automated Download of Orders Interface With Your Main Computer System

Split Truck and Pallet Capacity Optimization.

"Silent" Carrier Selection and Automated Dispatching of loads to Carriers

User "Clickable" Data Dictionary From Main Computer System

Fields To Maintain new U.S. Government "Known Shipper" Rules

Automated Costing and Freight Type Processing by Traffic Lane

Freight Rate Benchmarking by Origin & Destination

Consolidations & Multiple Pro Number Support

Automated Review of FOB Origin, Dest, Backhauls and Orders Not Managed

Maintains Analysis of Inbound & Outbound Traffic Lanes for Benchmarking

Carrier Appointment Management System

Full Freight Claims Management & Forms Submission System

Multi Currency By Traffic Lane


Multi Company/Division Level Customer Contract and Carrier Tariff Costing Rules:

Multiple Inbound & Outbound Carrier Tariffs by Temp Type

Multiple Inbound & Outbound Customer Tariffs by Temp Type


Multi Company/Division Level Reporting System:

Ad Hoc User Report Creation Using SQL Reporting Services

Print Reports To E-Mail and Send Them Via Internet

Pick Up & Delivery Allowance Tracking

Commission & Rebate "Savings" Calculation

Carrier Multiple Stop Calculation of Charges to SKU Level

PO's by Buyer with Contribution Reports

Carrier On Time Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Customer On Time Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Carrier "Dropped Loads" Tracking & Reporting


Internet Collaboration Portals:

Automated Carrier "Bid" Management System (NEXTStop™)

Carrier Reviews All Traffic Lanes On Internet

Carrier Selects Desirable Traffic Lanes To Bid on

Carrier Submits Bid by Mile, Weight, Pallet, Flat or Cube

System Automatically Updates Traffic Lanes With New Carrier Bid

User and Carrier Are Automatically Notified and Receive Copy of Bid

Customer Service & Transportation Provider Collaboration Portal (NEXTrack™)

Carrier "silent" web tendering with automated accept/reject

Parameter Controlled Carrier "Cascading" Re-Dispatching

Carrier Web Settlement (Accounts Payable)

Carrier and User Alert and Notification Module

Portal Branding to your web site logos and colors

Automated Interface To Internet Load & Truck Posting Services


DOE Interfaced Fuel Surcharge Management:

Automated Carrier Fuel Surcharge Setup Using DOE Fuel Costing

Automated "Mass Update" of All Outstanding Carrier Orders Based on DOE Rates and Carrier Fuel Matrix

Automated Maintenance of Historical Fuel Surcharge By Carrier

EPA SmartWay™ Transportation Program Interface


Export Documentation Management System - NGLExportDoc:

Multi Country Customs Forms provides a solution to complex international commerce transactions by creating high quality shipping documents

Multi Country Customs Forms

Automated interface with FreightMaster TMS®

Automated Update of New Customs Forms as Required


Comprehensive Accounting & Accrual Functions:

Company Level Freight Accruals by SKU

Company Level Sales Budgeting and COGS Tracking and Revenue Tracking

Account Level Accounting with P & L Support with General Ledger

Account Level Budgeting by Month, Actual vs. Standard

A/R by Customer, A/P by Carrier & Commissions Payable By Salesman

Customer Info Detail This Year, Last Year, Credit Limits, Duns Number, SIC

E-Mail Invoicing Capability By Customer


Freight Bill Auditing & Payment System:

Traffic Lane and Carrier Specific Rate Structure

Real Time Rate Freight Rate Benchmarking - NGLRateComp™

Hi - Low Payment Tolerances Can Be Set By Traffic Lane and Carrier

Exception Reporting By Batch Processing of Carrier Freight Bills

By Hi - Lo Dollars and By Hi - Lo Percentage of Expected Cost

Automated "Approval & Authorized" Payment of Invoices That Meet Tolerance


Comprehensive User & Technical Support:

24/7/365 Technical Support Programs Available

Comprehensive Web Base Technical Support

Knowledge Database

Enhancement Submission Request Database

Automated Enhancement Request Submission

Guaranteed Application Upgrade Programs


Multiple Operating Systems Supported:

Operating Systems - Windows 2008®

Support for thin client environments compatible with VPN, TS & Citrix® Metaframe or WAN (Wide Area Network)

SQL2012 Database Servers - Standard & Enterprise & Data Center


Quick Interface Adaptors for Multiple ERP Platforms